Capital Bling is dedicated to only offering the highest quality possible in every piece we sell. All of our jewelry is meticulously designed and hand crafted using some very unique methods which sets us apart from all others.

18k Gold Wrapping Process

Gold Wrapping is what makes Capital Bling’s Jewelry superior to all others. Why? 

100x more durable to gold plating or PVD, all of our pieces are crafted to last a lifetime using gold wrapping. A process of bonding thick layers of 18k Gold to 409L Stainless Steel.

This process takes 3 whole days to apply to any given piece of jewelry as each layer of pure gold has to gently cool before additional layers can be applied. 

Because of this meticulous process that such unsurpassed quality is achieved. The end result is a hand crafted 18k Gold Chain, pendant or other piece of jewelry that looks, feels and has the durability of solid gold, but without the hefty price tag. Gold wrapped pieces unlike gold plated or PVD jewelry is 100% sweat and water resistant.

The added bonus to using gold wrapping is all pieces will test positive of pure solid gold when examined.

Clear DLC Coating

Each piece is finally coated by a process called ClearDLC™ 

This protects all gold and stainless steel surfaces by adding a hard diamond-like clear coating (up to 6,000 Vickers) to the surface. With this exclusive finish our jewelry is over 12x more scratch resistant than even a solid gold piece

Safe & Secure Checkout Process

Theres nothing we respect more than your privacy and security while shopping on our website. Not only are we and our checkout process verified by Norton Security we're also a certified seller by all major credit cards including American Express, Master Card and Visa, PayPal verified, a Google Trusted store and a verified ApplePay vender.

Our checkout pages themselves are 256-bit SLL Encrypted. The highest level of encryption available for eCommerce stores like ours.